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In SBS wealth management, we support our clients in their patrimony and real estate operations in Paris, on the French Riviera and in the major resorts of the Alps thanks to a method based on a professional and transparent process resulting from active listening and fundamental beliefs.

Our network benefits from access to exclusive products with targeted partnerships of quality in consistency and synergy with the global vision of our company through the complementarity of its expertise’s. Constant supply of verified products and the choice of a demanding clientele are very important aspects for the legitimacy of our company.

Together, combining your search criteria’s and our deep knowledge in the field, we will create tailor made solutions of which you are an actor and beneficiary:  Sharing information, joint reflection and access to relevant information defining the commitment made by SBS wealth management towards the trust given to its experts.

A network of quality

To create a network of quality is a constant quest that requires a precision and a passion supported by all our partners. Our work method is based on transversal coordination that allows the creation of value and offers the flexibility to anticipate and adapt to your problems in total trust. The respect of SBS wealth management‘s work frame is the proof of excellency for our group.

We have noticed that wealthy clients need to be understood and accompanied according to very precise needs, we go beyond real estate research and sale of property:  Combining all the essential services for your projects, our teams collaborate for a perfect acquisition supported by taking control of the legal assembly, the financial expertise, taking care of formalities and of course a personalized support for an optimized result.

Patrimony concierge

In quality of patrimony concierge, SBS wealth management is committed to focus its teams and it’s time to develop permanently its local knowledge to become the preferred partner of customers who in the age of globalization diversify their activities internationally. With such knowledge,  SBS wealth management places’ its clients in the center of its preoccupations : the co-construction with our clients of tailor-made solutions based on their expectations in a qualitative reference that engages a lasting relationship and integrity.

SBS Patrimoine

Among our active partners in the sharing of our solutions, a lot of them take place in the institutional world of financial circuits : The investment banks, the funds, the “Family Offices” and the Trustees provide a constant framework of quality and precision towards all our customers. Working on many aspects and multiple domains, our relationships constructed carefully over the years offer at the SBS wealth management skill tools above the simple business relationship.

The depth and profound search of leverage to satisfy all ours partners are highlighted by the satisfaction of those very private and closed circuit networks we take place upon.

Other partners like our very dense network of notaries, international lawyers, experts in Arts and objects of collection, Yachting companies or private aviation companies and of course our peers like private management and consulting firms complement us according to strict quality standards thus, enabling the diversification process, required for an optimum patrimony management, with a visionary look and a permanent support, that needs strong adaptability in a constantly changing and improving world.

SBS wealth management offers dynamism, competence, reliability and results that meet the expectations of all its partners in the strictest confidentiality of which advisors are the permanent guarantors.

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