SBS wealth management expertise allows to its clients to benefit of the possibilities that are offered by the finance while mastering the process through tailored solutions

Structured products

The financial investments all have a very important common feature: liquidity and availability of invested assets. This feature differentiates them from real estate investments (see real estate chapter of the menu) which correspond to medium or long-term investment periods requiring proximity management.

The Structured products are an alternative to risky stock market and dynamic products. They optimize the return and risk of the investment, in synergy with the objectives and investment needs of investors. Finance is a diversified sector offering a multitude of instruments and levers in order to increase the income of the heritage. Through engineering and expertise, it is possible to limit the risks with protection options.

L’expertise SBS Patrimoine

SBS wealth management expertise allows to its clients to benefit of the possibilities that are offered by the finance while mastering the process through a tailored combination of a multitude of structured products (Bonds, Shares, Credits, etc…)

Depending on the project and expectations, together with trusted partners who are experts in their field, we offer customized products whose risk/return profile is adjusted to the mutually defined strategy. By being flexible and by keeping an open mind, it is possible to readjust its investments and diversification to optimize its assets.

Unlike “classic” retail banking products, these “high-end” instruments are tailor-made and offer you possibilities far beyond the standard which often do not give access to the vast majority of tools (Primary material, certain markets, obligations, etc…) SBS wealth management will guide you throughout your project to adapt to your needs and expectations.

What are the advantages?

  • Invest in the financial markets with capital protection (total or partial)
  • The profits and risks involved are controlled and known in advance.
  • Annual automatic repayment options as soon as the goal is reached.
  • Total flexibility in the creation of customized products.


Civil Property Placement Company is a form of company collecting savings from different investors to invest in the acquisition of real estate: it is a medium-term or long-term investment vehicle.

The management of this patrimony, by delegation, is entrusted to professionals in order to redistribute an annual income in the form of dividends.

In short, investing with such tool is a clever way to get real estate returns, by releasing itself from the often tedious and time-consuming constraints of direct property management (Search for tenants, rent collection, general meetings, disputes, etc…)

The AMF exercises its role of regulator and controller of the investments.  It is the AMF who is delivering approval to management companies to manage the structure and who ensures the follow-ups. It also issues the marketing authorization and ensures the accuracy and transparency of the information provided to the investor.

SBS wealth management helps make sense of this type of investment by integrating it into your overall wealth strategy. This type of investment provides maximum comfort in terms of investment management and profitability. Our selection of partners in France is first class with holding companies recognized as leaders in their markets and having proven themselves for several decades.

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